How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Day 35 of 90.  Daily Art.
Practice, practice, practice.  
Rain was in order this morning, I literally pulled the dog out the door by the leash for a morning walk.  By midday the rain had stopped so I threw the dog in the front seat and went to look for bald eagles, hoping to get something to sketch in support of the team for the Superbowl.  The sun broke out, the temp warmed up, and I took the dog for some nice walks along Birch Bay, and then along the Nooksack in Ferndale.  I did come across some birds I have never seen before, and I saw a couple of Bald Eagles circling above the river.  So instead of sketching an eagle, today, I practiced portraits by sketching the planes of the head.  Fly Eagles, Fly!

Charcoal, Newprint. (Using for models)


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