Friday, April 25, 2014

Surfing Swami's

Back to one of my favorite places to paint - Swami's in Encinitas.  This was an exercise in minimal brush strokes with watercolor.  Make a stroke, put color down, put another color down and leave it alone.  What a challenge.  I did a small practice sketch of the surfer to see if I could get close with just one brush stroke to do the surfer and the reflection before I added the surfer to the painting.  I got close enough.   As Australian Watercolorist, Joe Sbukvic says, this is not a painting, it's a communication.  

Below is a section I call "What's in my sketchbook", each of these are only thumbnail size, probably 2x2 inches.  
First the Gamecock Cottage in West Meadow Beach.

Another sketch from Swami's - this I'd like to do in a larger format.

Just a fun sketch of my favorite blue vase and a gerber daisy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Peace Wave

I was sketching and doing small watercolors at the beach on Easter, it was a beautiful day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Point Loma Lighthouse

I joined the San Diego Watercolor Society yesterday for their paint out at Cabrillo Point.  Below, right are a couple of sketches I did to start, checking proportion, line and composition.  The one on the left is the start of my painting.  I'm using a 9x12 watercolor block, by Arches, 140lb, 100% cotton.  It's easy, I just prop it on my easel, which is tilted horizontally with my palette below and I'm ready to paint.  

The photo below is a shot of the view over my left shoulder as I painted the lighthouse.  I zoomed in for this shot, so it's a bit closer here, however I could hear the waves and smell the sea, it was a fine morning all in all.

I did this quick watercolor of Bubba Watson while I was watching the Masters last Saturday.  He was leading at the end of the day, but the crowd was not far behind which made for an interesting Sunday.  Great match!

Below is a still life I worked on this week, this is my 3rd version and I'm not done with this set up yet.  I like the fact that in watercolor, you can paint the same vase with flowers over and over again and it's a very different experience each time.  The flowers are gerber daisies so I just might get another week with them before they give up.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Maderas Golf Course

Morning at Maderas.  This is the 9th hole in the foreground, with the 18th behind it.  I have lost many balls in this pond!  But what a beautiful course!  I am grateful and fortunate to play here with my brothers when they come out to visit.