Sunday, August 28, 2016

Among the Shadows

Painted in Stavenger, Norway with the Indigo Watercolor Group.  I very much enjoyed painting with them, it was a wonderful experience with a wonderful group of people.

Sweet Irish Summer

Ahhh - Ireland.  When it's a fine day, it's a very fine day.  This was the 2nd painting I did of the Donovan's farm, a working farm in the north of Wexford County.  The first painting was rained on, and then the sun broke for a bit.  After lunch I went into another field where the cows joined me in chorus, a group of about twenty on the other side of a gate but only 20 inches from my easel,  cheering me on with their mooing and chewing and snorting.  

Misty Hook

When I got to Ireland I met up with my friends at Hook Head in south Wexford County.  It was cloudy when I started, and it turned to mist very quickly.  (And of course after I finished the sun broke out and it turned into a beautiful evening by the Irish Sea).  Hook Head is the oldest functioning, active lighthouse - in all of Ireland and maybe the world.

Old Town Stavenger - II

Old Town Stavenger - Late evening sun hitting the old town. One of the oldest wooden structure towns still serving as a community.   Watercolor (10x14)

From my sketchbook.  I had taken the ferry around the Oslo Fjord and did a little island hopping.  I got off at Hovedoya where there is a ruins of a monastery and a small marina.  On the dock, waiting for the next ferry to pick me up to take me back to Oslo, I was able to get a very good view of the fortress. 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Old Town, Stavenger, Norway

Stavenger is the oil 'Capitol' of Norway.  This is the restored area in center city called Old Town, small cottages from the 18th and 19th century overlooking the harbor. While I was there I took a watercolor workshop with the local watercolor group, many of whom had worked on oil rigs in the North Sea in administrative jobs.  Very interesting history in this city, the 4th largest in Norway. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Land of the Midnight Sun


One from my recent travels through Norway. This is from the Oslo Fjord, from a photo I took from one of the many ferries I would take while in Norway. A beautiful country, a wonderful blend of the ancient and the modern - all set in a majestic background.  

Here I am at a waterfall in Flam which was halfway up the mountain. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into until I was well into the hike.  A few feet closer to the falls and the mist and spray from the powerful falls was very refreshing.  I'm just smiling because I made it!