Saturday, August 30, 2014


Above is a quick pen and ink wash I did after work on Friday to usher in the three day holiday.  I have been doing quite a bit of pen and ink wash lately, exploring the effect.

Above is a pen/ink wash I did with the Urban Sketch group last week.  We sketched at Ceasar Chavez Park, just south of San Diego.  There are all sorts of ships, Weather (NOAA), Navy, commercial, and tug boats - all tied up to the piers, and this beautiful view of the Coronado bridge.  This is by far my favorite group to paint/sketch with - every level of sketcher is welcomed and we all get together for a photo and review of our work at the end of the morning meeting.  And our fearless leader does a video of the morning - here is the Ceasar Chavez Video:  

.  Oh - I found these great sketch books on sale this week, almost half price; Stillman and Birn; Beta Series.  Next week I will be learning how to make my own sketch book! I really can't wait.  

Below is a sketch I did today in Rancho Santa Fe of a patch of Brown Eyed Susans. Then I started to sketch the cars - which is why we met up there in the first place.  

I'd like to practice doing these cars again - but I only had 15 minutes before the owners drove their cards off.  (Spent too much time with the Brown Eyed Susans!)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sketches of Ireland

In this post are sketches from my trip to Ireland where I recently participated in the Art in the Open (AITO) Festival. Last year I painted with oil paints, this year watercolor.  What a new and challenging experience but what a great bunch of friends and venues to motivate and inspire.

This is Wexford Quay - it was a very calm morning, and I knew I had to get up and out to capture the light.  I took a walk by the quay early in the morning and it was just beautiful with the sun coming up.  I did a very quick sketch to capture the color and light and took some photos - the one posted here is a sketch I did when I got back using the study and the photos for reference.  

After I left Wexford I set out for the West Coast of Ireland.  Dingle was one of my stops; what a beautiful drive that was!  This is a sketch of Dingle Bay.

After Dingle I headed north to Galway.  The swans on the Corrib River in Galway are notable, apparently they stay year round - and have been known to stay even when the river freezes a bit.  Galway is a lovely city - a bit touristy compared to the smaller towns and villages I spent time in but still beautiful.