Thursday, October 24, 2013

Play Ball!

I've been sketching and painting people lately - and so it led me to dive into all of my reference photos. Way leads on to way, so I had to then change my file system and get organized.  Even though it took some time, I was reminded of places I have painted, views and scenes I was taken by that I wanted to paint.  I did throw 20-30 percent away but not too much.  Now I can find the subjects I want to paint by type.  The above sketch is from a reference photo that my brother took at the College World Series.  I really like the subject and background and I want more baseball - shouldn't be difficult to get my hands on more.  Great thing about the College world series is how close the fans can get to the players and the action.

This one is a small (6x6) sketch of my daughter and her friend Kelsey doing each other's makeup.  This was a great exercise in painting the head at different angles.  Loomis/Proko methods really worked for this.   

Friday, October 18, 2013

Balboa Island - Newport Beach

I'm still playing around with pastels.  This is a small painting (7x9) that I did from a reference photo I took last month.  It is challenging to do a small painting with pastels, and I suppose it demands then that you don't fuss around, as I did below.

This sunrise is from a trip to the Grand Canyon I took last year.  This is about a 1/2 mile down the trail into the canyon, and I took this the morning after we came back up from the bottom.  The sunrises are just breathtaking.  I will redo this one - it's a 9 x 12.  I think I'll paint this in oil next.  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

San Diego - New Library

Painted with the San Diego Plein Air Painters this Saturday.  The location was off Imperial, on K Street.  No, not that K Street.  This is Sherman Heights, very diverse, very low income neighborhood in  East San Diego, just east of 5.  What a great view of the city, and the people here were very friendly, very curious about what we were doing on their block.  I think we heard from at least two people that they would like to join us in the future and one guy was an artist, sounded like he might get busy with it again.  Very nice morning all together.  So - the building with the dome is the new library that we've been waiting for - nearly 10 years now.  It's quite something, a lovely addition to the skyline.  After I painted I drove over to take a tour and maybe do some sketching but I couldn't find a parking space.  It just opened to great reviews, I will have to get back there soon.
Below is some work I've been doing on drawing the head.  These are 5 minute sketches using techniques from Loomis and 'Proko' (  Each is supposed to be at a different angle. I keep telling myself that I'm learning to draw the figure to become a better painter but it is so much fun and interesting - who knows where it will lead?  
 I wonder if one can tell which was my first and which was my last?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maderas - Entrance

There is a beautiful tree on fire at the entrance of the Maderas Golf course, down the road.  I went there last night at sunset to take some photos and did this in pastels.  I have no idea what I'm doing with pastels but I am having fun.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Low Tide - La Jolla Coast

This is my second painting from Saturday, after lunch.  I started the day downtown at the Farmer's Market and after lunch headed to the beach in search of lower temps.  About half way between the cove and Mitt Romney's house (with the car elevator) right on coast blvd, I found a spot.  The tide was so low that I was able to go out on the rocks.  As the sun started to go down, a photographer set up next to me in between two large rocks - then his model showed up. Not sure if she was a swim suit model or a model for an adult mag, but she was barely clothed, and splashing around in the shallow water - driving all the Dads crazy.  They kept bringing their kids over so they could catch some of the action!  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Italy Farmer's Market - The Bitchin' Sauce Guy

I found a spot at the Farmer's Market to paint where I wasn't in the way and had a view of one of the vendors.  This is the guy that sells Bitchin' Sauce, they frequent many of the local farmer's markets, I've bought it myself - they have good sauces that are almond based.  So, I'm not selling their product here, just some background.  It was hot day from sun break on, we had a Santa Ana this weekend and the only place to be was near the water.  I did this painting in the morning and then another one in La Jolla after a late lunch.  It was hot at the beach, almost no breeze whatsoever.  Beautiful sunset, green flash and all.  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Waiting for the Wedding

Two people on the green at La Jolla Cove waiting for the wedding to start.  I assume the little boy was part of the wedding party, perhaps the ring bearer?  Quick sketch using casein paint.