Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkins and Persimmons

This is about the fourth variation on this composition. Sixth if I include the still life composition I had set up on the dining room table and changed a couple of times.  Finally I found another pumpkin the right size (the one in front of the flowers), and I grabbed some persimmons while I was at it.  I then moved everything to my work table out back, in my studio.  I painted an arrangement last night and it just wasn't right.  The composition was not good and the colors were all too saturated.  So I kept re-arranging it in my head during the day, while in meetings, and sketching the ideas in my notes until I got something I liked.  And - in addition I wanted to try to paint it monochromatically.  A friend from Ireland was in San Diego this weekend and after we painted a couple of paintings at Sunset Cliffs we got a bite to eat and continued to talk art.  We talked about doing value studies, (black and white) in watercolor so I thought I'd try. (This is very useful in oil). I used only Burnt Sienna for the whole painting.  Of course the pumpkins are orange, the leaves are green, the persimmons are ochre and the flowers in the dark blue pot are violet magenta.  But I am rather pleased with the dramatic results of just using one color.  And I hope you feel the fall with the sepia like hue.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunset Cliffs

It was a hot and sunny day yesterday even at the Ocean.  I painted this yesterday at Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach with a friend of mine that was over from Ireland.  It was a blast, we each go in two paintings because we went to get a bite.  This is on cold press rough which I really enjoyed painting on, 10 x 20.  
On another note, I am simplifying my online presence and so disabling my web site and transferring my domain name over to my online gallery within Daily Paintworks.  This link for this is already on my blog and I'll be working on customizing it over the next few weeks to adjust categories, etc.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Setauket Mill Pond - Main Street

Fall is descending upon the Three Village Area.  This is a commission of the Setauket Mill Pond.  I asked my daughter to take some photos for me, while she's in the neighborhood, to capture the fall colors even though I had a few reference photos from a few years ago.  And while I appreciated the effort she went to the duck pond in Stony Brook, instead of the Mill Pond in Setauket.  A mistake that no local would make!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I bought a bunch of Zinnias from the local Trader Joe's, I went in for some uncured, applewood smoked bacon and came out with Zinnias, it must be true, everything goes better with bacon.