Still Life - Flowers

Day 21 of 90.  Daily Art.
Wow.  It rained so much today that the only thing to do was to buy a bunch of flowers from Trader Joe's (how glam) and paint along with the football championship games. 
It's always a good idea to have an intent when embarking on a painting.  Whether it be as forth right as wanting to convey how inspiring the scene is, or to practice technical aspects, etc.  Either way, intent is a good idea. And sometimes you buy a ticket for a cruise to Fiji - because that's what the poster said.  Then at some point you realize you are not going to Fiji at all, you are not heading in that direction whatsoever.
But still.

Hansa Yellow Light, Raw Sienna, Cobalt Blue, French Ultra, Permanent Orange, Quin Rose, Quin Burnt Orange


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