Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain at the top of the Poway grade on Sunday Afternoon.  Just a couple of weeks ago there was green in the hills, it's gone already, replaced by yellow-gold.  It was a beautiful day today in San Diego.  I'm back from the east coast and getting back into the groove, it is more sunny here (ya think?!).  I was reading a bit from a book this afternoon about composition, specifically around values.  The book recommended composition with interesting and effective quantities of values.  So, when the composition is simplified to three values, (which is a good objective) make sure they are not equal parts of each value and ensure they are placed in interesting locations in the composition. For example, the grass in the foreground and the sky are the same value.  The middle value are the hills and the path, and the dark values are in the mid ground.  I don't know if I hit the mark but it's good to have a goal!


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