Casa Romantica - San Clemente

Today was the first day of the 11th Annual 'Paint San Clemente' - Plein Air Competition.  The 'Quick Draw' started at 12.30 and ended at 3.30.  You line up to get your canvas stamped at 12.30 and then run off to the spot you staked out to start your painting.  I looked up the Casa Romantica online beforehand and checked it out in person early before the day started.  It is an amazing site, a must see if you visit San Clemente. It was once a home,  built by an architect in the 20s.  He had eleven children and built a one story house around a courtyard on the cliffs of San Clemente overlooking where the pier is now.  I was standing below this alcove with the ocean and pier behind me just to the south.  Beautiful grounds and gardens and what a gorgeous day!  Many fine paintings were entered into the competition -  the winners and runners up of the competition all had wonderful pieces.  The competition continues all week with the final submissions due and winners determined next Saturday.  I hope the weather holds!


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