Boston Spring

This is a painting I just completed from reference from my recent trip to Boston.  I started the day with a 5 mile loop along the Charles River (with my camera of course).  I started by cutting through the Boston Common, then Charles St. and picked up the river there. I proceeded toward BU, crossed over the bridge toward Cambridge and came back down toward the Harbor where I crossed over another bridge back into downtown.  Nice walk, beautiful day, even saw a couple of rowers on the river.  This scene is down by BU, on the river side.   Later in the day I went up to Cambridge and painted in Harvard Yard, followed that up with a painting in the Public Garden.  I 'heart' the T!!!   So I just had to eat a very large dinner in Chinatown that evening.  I tried to get into the Gourmet Dumpling but the line was too long.  That's OK, I ate down the block and they served superb food too!


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