Overcast at Windansea Beach

Beautiful day at the beach, a bit overcast but the weather was lovely.  The tide was coming in but I could still catch the rocks and all the action going on there.  This beach is a bit south of the cove.  The plein air group was painting closer to La Jolla cove today, however I didn't find them, they were somewhere off Coast Blvd, and I landed south from there, off Neptune.  I found this spot while I was winding my way north from Bird Rock.  Early this morning I dropped my daughter at the airport to make her return to school on the east coast, then I went to get a croissant, the best croissant in San Diego at the French Gourmet on Turquoise.  As luck would have it, French Gourmet was not open yet so I headed north to Bird Rock to grab a coffee at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.  While I was there the French Gourmet delivery truck pulled up with fresh croissants!  Merci!


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