Birdrock at Low Tide

My setup this morning was in the stairwell down to the beach.  I perched my easel on the cement railing on a landing before the last set of steps down to the water.  The beach below had no beach, no level ground - just large rocks making setup there impossible.  This is Birdrock, the area is named for it.  It is just south of Windansea, two of my most favorite spots in the world.  I grabbed a cup of coffee from Birdrock Coffee Roasters and one of their fresh croissants from the French Gourmet, the sun was out and so were the birds.  There were several birds sunbathing on the rock but I didn't put them in this painting. Perhaps next time.  After I painted, I went south a few blocks for a dip in the ocean.  The water was divine, the warmest I can recall in years.  Oh - I changed the poem on my blog, I recently came across the lyrics which were written by a Norwegian from Minnesota, and I found such a connection. 


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