On a Wild Snowgoose Chase

My Cousin, Cindy, and I left Anacortes on our way down to Bothell via Fir Island.  We were on a quest to find Snowgoose Produce, a local produce stand that purportedly has the best ice cream and yes, very good produce.  I really, really, wanted one of the cones which are served in freshly bakes waffle cones, with a softball size scoop of ice cream on top.  But alas, I didn't go for it - this time.  Instead we picked up some local Dungeness crab and corn on the cob for a BBQ later in the evening.  Back to the painting above, this is one of the farms in the valley, a spot we pulled over to turn around (again and again) before we finally found Fir Island and Snowgoose Produce.  Well worth the trip!


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