Wine Pearing

As I paint tonight, instead of listening to music I am catching up on episodes of the internet radio show Artists Helping Artists (AHA), which is hosted by two artists, Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry.  Wonderful interviews with some of the best artists, and many shows on the every-dayness of painting and marketing.  Very inspirational.  On another note, I'm trying to work on composition - working and learning.  I get the feeling about some compositions, as if they paint themselves which usually happens en plein air, it is challenging to set up a good still life composition.  I guess that's because we all recognize a a great view, a landscape that moves us, we know what we like when we come upon it. However, when you have to set it up - that's a different story.  I'm glad I didn't get the task of setting up the compositions on this earth, mother nature's compositions, just the lifelong task of seeing and appreciating them.


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