Apple Wine

I stopped in San Clemente this weekend on my way to Laguna Canyon, there is a pretty good art supply store on El Camino Real which also hosts workshops.  I took a workshop there from Marc Whitney with some good friends a couple of years ago - I loved the workshop, loved the paintings I did that weekend and remember that the stock in the attached store was pretty broad.  So, I needed to pick up a tube of paint and of course it never stops there.  I needed a palette knife, a rigger,  and there was a sale on gesso boards.  This painting is on a gesso board, which is so much fun to paint on - the paint moves around like I haven't experienced.  I've gesso'd (is that a word?) boards myself before but this was better.  It was like being in a canoe on a river, with the slightest angle or push of the brush, movement happened.  Fun stuff.  I think I'm just lucky there isn't a "COSTCO" for art supplies. I would get into big trouble.


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