Sketches of Ireland

In this post are sketches from my trip to Ireland where I recently participated in the Art in the Open (AITO) Festival. Last year I painted with oil paints, this year watercolor.  What a new and challenging experience but what a great bunch of friends and venues to motivate and inspire.

This is Wexford Quay - it was a very calm morning, and I knew I had to get up and out to capture the light.  I took a walk by the quay early in the morning and it was just beautiful with the sun coming up.  I did a very quick sketch to capture the color and light and took some photos - the one posted here is a sketch I did when I got back using the study and the photos for reference.  

After I left Wexford I set out for the West Coast of Ireland.  Dingle was one of my stops; what a beautiful drive that was!  This is a sketch of Dingle Bay.

After Dingle I headed north to Galway.  The swans on the Corrib River in Galway are notable, apparently they stay year round - and have been known to stay even when the river freezes a bit.  Galway is a lovely city - a bit touristy compared to the smaller towns and villages I spent time in but still beautiful.  


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