Surfing Swami's

Back to one of my favorite places to paint - Swami's in Encinitas.  This was an exercise in minimal brush strokes with watercolor.  Make a stroke, put color down, put another color down and leave it alone.  What a challenge.  I did a small practice sketch of the surfer to see if I could get close with just one brush stroke to do the surfer and the reflection before I added the surfer to the painting.  I got close enough.   As Australian Watercolorist, Joe Sbukvic says, this is not a painting, it's a communication.  

Below is a section I call "What's in my sketchbook", each of these are only thumbnail size, probably 2x2 inches.  
First the Gamecock Cottage in West Meadow Beach.

Another sketch from Swami's - this I'd like to do in a larger format.

Just a fun sketch of my favorite blue vase and a gerber daisy.


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