San Diego - New Library

Painted with the San Diego Plein Air Painters this Saturday.  The location was off Imperial, on K Street.  No, not that K Street.  This is Sherman Heights, very diverse, very low income neighborhood in  East San Diego, just east of 5.  What a great view of the city, and the people here were very friendly, very curious about what we were doing on their block.  I think we heard from at least two people that they would like to join us in the future and one guy was an artist, sounded like he might get busy with it again.  Very nice morning all together.  So - the building with the dome is the new library that we've been waiting for - nearly 10 years now.  It's quite something, a lovely addition to the skyline.  After I painted I drove over to take a tour and maybe do some sketching but I couldn't find a parking space.  It just opened to great reviews, I will have to get back there soon.
Below is some work I've been doing on drawing the head.  These are 5 minute sketches using techniques from Loomis and 'Proko' (  Each is supposed to be at a different angle. I keep telling myself that I'm learning to draw the figure to become a better painter but it is so much fun and interesting - who knows where it will lead?  
 I wonder if one can tell which was my first and which was my last?


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