Play Ball!

I've been sketching and painting people lately - and so it led me to dive into all of my reference photos. Way leads on to way, so I had to then change my file system and get organized.  Even though it took some time, I was reminded of places I have painted, views and scenes I was taken by that I wanted to paint.  I did throw 20-30 percent away but not too much.  Now I can find the subjects I want to paint by type.  The above sketch is from a reference photo that my brother took at the College World Series.  I really like the subject and background and I want more baseball - shouldn't be difficult to get my hands on more.  Great thing about the College world series is how close the fans can get to the players and the action.

This one is a small (6x6) sketch of my daughter and her friend Kelsey doing each other's makeup.  This was a great exercise in painting the head at different angles.  Loomis/Proko methods really worked for this.   


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