Pacific Grove - Coast Trail

This was my first painting in Monterey on Wednesday of last week, where I attended the Plein Air Convention.  It was a wonderful week, filled with dozens of faculty doing demos and key notes.  One of the highlights, and there were many, was to see and hear from John Stobart, RA, as he received a Lifetime Achievement Award.   Quite an interesting and accomplished journey he has had.  

I didn't paint again until Saturday, the entire conference went to Asilomar, where it was so beautiful but windy - below is a short video that will give you an idea of how it was blowing, and I took this video after I moved off the beach, back into the dunes!  I managed to get in a quick study but I had to literally hold onto my easel as I painted, I got blown off my feet more than once but never lost the painting.   

And here is the painting:


  1. Well, Katharine, I'm glad you hung in there and onto all your things. Your painting is just lovely. I really like the subdued colors you used. We used to live in Monterey and I taught primary grades in Pacific Grove School Dist. We used to drive to Asilomar and just sit and watch the ocean. Sometimes, the car would shake, but it was all so wonderful! I miss it!


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