"Wild" Morning at San Elijo Lagoon

The Plein Air group painted at the San Elijo Lagoon this morning, and what a beautiful location, there is so much to paint.  There is foundation now and a Parks and Rec building with a guide (no sign of Amy Poehler).  There are tours by volunteer docents and wild life scavenger hunts for kids.  A lot of progress since I lived up the street in the early 80's.

And this morning was full of wild life.  A young Osprey was right across this creek from where I set up.  Its mother circled above at one point, high in the sky while the young one chirped to get her attention but the mother went on her way.  Then of course, there were the jumping fish.  What fun that was to watch, and then I was able to catch the landing of an egret.   See the video below for all the action.  (Bear with me on the wobblies, my little camera, I agree, could zoom with more grace).

The audio is a song that came to mind when seeing the Osprey.  p.s I apologize for that first frame, didn't realize what was going on or I  would have given the bird some privacy.


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