San Clemente Pier

I entered the Annual San Clemente Paint Out which starts June 16.  Check in is Saturday, the 16th,  where you get all of your canvases stamped.  There is a quick draw on the 16, between 12.30 and 3.30.  And then the painting continues through out the week and completes the following Saturday where you turn in your best painting.  I decided to go up today and scout out some scenes and practice.  I put this study together in about 90 minutes and I'm satisfied with what I was able to lay down in this amount of time.  I know with another hour or so I could put some detail into it that might help with the finish.  MIGHT help, it could also go the other way and become overworked very easily!  I'm very familiar with that outcome, and I'm also familiar with walking away before it's finished.   


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