The Grass is Always Greener

I drove east this weekend to find sunshine, the coastal area all the way to Poway was a bit overcast for most of the day.  I drove east to Lakeside through the Barona Indian Reservation to find some cattle to paint.  I finally found a spot and realized that I was not really on public property, I was on the reservation.  The owner of this small 'ranchette' where I set up my easel, stopped by to find out what I was up to and was a very friendly guy.  He and his wife were in and out of their property throughout the afternoon, passing by me a couple of times.  At one point they asked me how it was going, and it was going well, except, I pointed out, the cows had moved out of my composition!  A few minutes later I see the cows come running down the hill to the center of the field - and the owner in the distance walking back to his house!  I have no idea what he said to those cows - I can't even get my dogs to sit, imagine getting cows to listen?  Thanks for the assist, Cody! 


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