Lake of the Woods - Minnesota

This is a painting from a photo my brother, Kris, took last year in Minnesota while out on his boat (acting like he was fishing, but taking more pictures than fish).  I love the line of trees, this is a quick sketch with a palette knife only.  No brush.   I just wanted to highlight a few of the trees as they stood out against the woods.  Great photograph - the composition is nicely divided in thirds - I'm sure that was the plan!


  1. yes, a great composition! Very nice painting, I love the reflections.

  2. When the water is calm, the sun is out, and the sky is cloudless, the reflections of the trees and contours of the shoreline in the water are so perfect it causes a feeling that I would guess must be like vertigo - you literally have a hard time telling truth from illusion. And photographic composition is my specialty


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