Winter Orange Blossom

It has been over ten days since my last post!  Today was a beautiful day in San Diego, warm and sunny.  I found two oranges on my little neglected orange 'bush' on the side of my house, and the orange blossom smelled like sweet parfum.  Yes, parfum!  I decided to make Sole Meuniere tonight, according to the movie Julie/Julia, it was Child's favorite dish - but really, she loved all food, didn't she?   So, I was making this incredibly easy dinner for the first time (where have I been?!), and I turn on the TV and Julie/Julia is playing.  I didn't expect that.  I think the food Gods got together with the Cable Gods tonight!  Oh, and it was so delicious, the sole was a bit overdone but I will be making this again and again, practice makes perfect.


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