November Sunflowers

The sunflowers are from the Poway Farmer's market.  They look like mums but came on a huge stalk that I cut down to put into this vase.  The Poway Farmer's market has the French Crepe maker next to the Hummus guy with 15 varieties of humus, next to the Mexican taco stand that smells like heaven and down on the same row is the Pepper lady, she carries at least 20 kinds of peppers, no exaggeration.   There is a guy next to them that sells these lemons that have fingers, they smell wonderful but are so odd to look at.  This is the end where all the action is.  On the other end of the market are the sellers with their  blueberries and strawberries, and other delicate fruits and vegetables and 250 grain breads under canopies to shield them from the harshness of the sun.  There are the dates with the samples arranged just so with toothpicks.   And flowers, flowers, flowers, east, west, north and south.


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