Last weekend I had a chance to get out early in the morning for coffee and some sketching.  I went to a favorite coffee house (Birdrock Coffee Roasters) where I  grabbed some coffee, a little knosh and a nice little corner table with a view to the action.  And I started to sketch and then realized I wanted to add a little color so I broke out the watercolors.  I did 2  sketches on one paper, a line down the middle to separate them.  When doing a sketch, one tries to find a subject that isn't going to leave or disappear- a subject that is present long enough for a sketch.  In that vain I did a quick painting of the 'Barista' making the custom orders.  So when I was done I game him said sketch as I was leaving.   Simply because I knew it would mean more to him than me. I had practiced my craft and I was done, and I thought he might appreciate it. And he did, he was so grateful, thought it was 'so cool', 'really so cool', he was as cute as a 25 year old would be.  But it was just a sketch. Anyway- as I was crossing the street to get into my car I hear a loud voice shouting out 'MRS. ROBINSON!!!!'
-That's a first. 


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