Lemon and Silver

I love the challenge of painting surfaces which are very reflective.  Here is a silver bowl with more of my lemons.  Because I'm using lemons from my own tree, I'm able to get cuttings with branches and leaves attached.  My goal in this painting, in addition to painting the reflective qualities of the silver bowl, was to keep the background loose, painting wet into wet.  In addition to having the composition right in front of me, I also had a photo up on my Ipad - in black and white so I could check the values/tones.  I wanted to ensure I got the lightest light and the darkest dark.  As a result, I came back in  at the last and charged the left side of the bowl with a dark glaze of cobalt blue and magenta.

I did a small (5x10), quick, study of the La Gorce golf course which I had the good fortune to play as a guest of my brother's while visiting in Miami recently.  I can't recall which hole this is??? This study gives me a feel for the palette I want to use.  And it gives one an idea of the numerous sand traps on the course.  The sand; very bright, very fine.  Like a combination of snow flakes and quick sand.  It looks so very beautiful but just try getting your golf ball out, and there's the quick sand!


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