San Luis Obispo - "French Quarter Alley"

Another day in San Luis Obispo - after looking for sun at the coast, we headed into SLO where the fog was nowhere to be found.  Such a lovely town, great food, boutiques and coffee shops.  I had a lot of fun painting this scene, even with the many people asking me for directions.  I was of no value to them, not being a local but I did enjoy all of the students passing by and hearing about their Saturday night parties and Sunday study plans!  There are points though, when painting with watercolor that I can't really talk to anyone because I have to focus on what I'm doing with my brush or the painting will get away from me.  During the wash, when the paper is wet - I need to be careful with timing, things get get too dry or can be too wet.  So this man comes up behind me, a bit to the side - I could tell someone was there - and he started to talk to me so I said politely that I couldn't talk because the paper was wet.  He was very understanding, and proceeded to tell me that he was the gallery owner around the corner and to come see him when I was done.  So at that point I did look up!  I think he was telling the truth but I didn't follow up.  I know I should have.  Another day in San Luis Obispo.


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