Golf, Talk/Don't Talk and More!

Day 30, the last day of the 30/30 painting challenge.  I did it!  I posted a painting everyday.  Like golf, there are many more practice swings behind every shot - so I painted sometimes 3,4,5, even 10 paintings or sketches to get one I could post.  Sometimes I was lucky and stopped after one, which usually happened when painting on location.  I found that painting outside was 'easier'.  Indulge me, another golf analogy - it's easier to play a round of golf than to spend 4-5 hours at the driving range.  Not that studio work is only practice - I used still life compositions as well as reference photos to paint real pieces.  But being on location, in the element, with all of the light and color and other sensory information just helped me paint. Helps you get into a zone and develop a cadence.  And one can be patient with the painting, there is a lot going on outside of the painting, an enjoyment of nature and a sense of wonder about how things come together.  Not too patient mind you, watercolor waits for no one, it will dry on you if you don't watch out.  I wish I had a digital sign attached to my easel that flashed on and off for passers-by, like the walk/don't walk signs.  But mine would say "Talk/Don't Talk".  When I'm doing a wash it would flash "Don't Talk", and when that part is done, it would change to "Talk".  I can't stop and talk when a wash is walking it's way down the painting!  It takes priority over EVERYTHING.  So, don't bother yelling "FIRE" while I'm painting in a crowded theater, because if I'm in the middle of a wash, I'll finish it and then quietly make my way to the exit!

Thank you for following me during this challenge - I've been doing this during a very busy time at work, travel included.  And I must admit - I'm tired, but a good tired.  Now I'd like to do some larger pieces and play a round of golf this weekend! 


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