Hot Peppers!

So I bought a new easel, the Strada.  It's a few pounds lighter in my backpack - I think it's made of titanium so basically it's a golf club flattened out with a light weight palette inside. Fewer pounds in my pack will let me go farther down the trail, find the 'road less traveled'.  It's an oil easel and so of course, now I'm playing with watercolor!  The good news is that I've figured out how to make the gear work for my watercolor too so I can do either now and can take both on the road with me w/o too much bother!  I don't know what I'm doing with the watercolor yet - I'm experimenting as shown below.  There is something so compelling about watercolor - it's a challenge because you have to go from light to dark which is opposite of working with oils and pastels.   But it's the light, I think, that is so inviting makes the painting more accessible.    
The still life above is from a reference photo I took at the Farmer's Market in South Miami, one of the best farmer's market's I've been to, coast to coast.

This one  is a plein air painting on the trail behind my neighborhood.


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