Bluebird in Pastel

This is a pastel I did from a photo that a friend of mine took recently in San Luis Obispo.  I really don't know if it is a Bluebird or not, it's quite chilly (for a Bluebird) in SLO during the winter.  It took about an hour to complete.  In one sitting I finished as much as I could, then I put it up for the night.  I came back with fresh eyes and put two additional strokes on it and called it done.  I very much enjoy working with pastels, below is another - but very different look at a lilly (in a soup can).  
I joined the San Diego County Pastel Society today!  Exciting to explore a new medium but at the same time I need to be cautious, it's like having another set of clubs, bag, shoes, etc.  Keeping an eye out for too much focus on the materialist aspect, the process acquiring materials, verses the learning and creativity aspects.  I know, 'good luck with that', right!


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