Rancho Penasquitos - Shed

This study is of a shed at the Rancho Penasquitos Reserve, where the Adobe Ranch House is located.  I chose to paint this scene instead of the ranch house to get into some greens, and there was plenty.  I changed my palette this week and wanted to see how the greens would work with it.  It was an interesting exercise.  
Regarding the change in palette, I am experimenting with the following colors; Cad Yellow Medium, Yellow Ochre, Cad Red Light, Cerulean Blue and Ivory Black.  I consider it a modified Zorn.  First thing I did was make 5 color charts which you can see below.  I had not done this before and everywhere I looked people pointed to Richard Schmidt's book - Alla Prima.  So, since I don't have that book, I kept searching and I found a very good 'how to' here, by Clayton Beck.  I substituted the colors I wanted instead of those he listed.  COLOR CHARTS ARE FUN!  I didn't buy any pre-made formatted charts, I just used Arches Huile-Oil paper, 140 lb.  I didn't put down any tape either, I just wanted simple so I drew the grid in 1" squares and started mixing away with my first color - with a palette knife.  I would say it took about 3-4 hours for all 5 charts.  And I look at them frequently to see which values I want to use, which color I want.  Great exercise and great reference tools.  I plan to do a daily painting/study, a '30/30' challenge for a month, to play around with the palette, see what I can learn.


  1. I 'be been visiting your blog because I like the tractor painting that I saw on dpw so much. I just spotted the color charts. The Richard Schmidtbook is one of my favorites. I did most of the charts and still refer to them. The zorn colors sound interesting. You have inspired me to try another one. I admire your paintings and your style of painting.


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