Snow Storm in East County - San Diego

It was a cold and stormy day...I drove out to Ramona and Santa Ysabel today to see some snow.  It has been storming here since Friday and snowing east of my house about 20 miles, which would be about 30 miles from the beach.  It was too cold (34 degrees), wet (snow, hail and rain) and windy to paint on location for me, so I took many photos, which required me to be outside quite enough!  I shouldn't complain, I was filling my gas tank in Santa Ysabel just behind two bikers who sounded European, they were in full all weather gear but still looked cold on their motorcycles.  I remarked at what a nice a day it was for a ride, they advised me to put the convertible top down on my car!  

I came home with my new (cheap and good) camera,  very excited to paint to see what I had to choose from.  This is a view north east from Mussey Grade.  I tried my best not to cause any traffic accidents as I pulled over to shoot time and again - if you carry your camera with you in your car, you know of which I speak, it can't be helped and measuring relative risk - I think it's safer than texting (can you believe some people still do that)?!!


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